Negotiating for Success (3 July 2019)

Negotiating for Success

3 July 2019, 8.45am – 5.30pm

Negotiation is something we engage in everyday, whether consciously or otherwise. Defined simply, it is a form of communication to help settle arguments or issues to satisfactory benefits. Yet negotiation is often one of the most neglected life skills that people tend to forget.  Today’s corporate environment demands us to use negotiation with tact and diplomacy. Whether negotiation is used to close a sales pitch, resolve conflict, achieve persuasion, or simply to improve damaged relationships, it is a skill that will empower your working life positively.

This course is designed for professionals who want to learn how better they can use negotiation to improve the quality of their work. It will help participants understand the importance of negotiation in their work. It will also harness specific negotiation techniques and apply them effectively in different situations. Participants will also benefit from experiential active learning and understand the characteristics of well-executed negotiations in specific work scenarios.


  • Identify your personal negotiation style
  • Understand common mistakes made when negotiating
  • Learn how to deal with different types of negotiations
  • Recognize and exploit negotiating opportunities
  • Use negotiation tactics and strategies
  • Use negotiation as a conflict management tool
  • Learn how to read non-verbal behaviors when negotiating
  • Understand cross-cultural differences when negotiating
  • Strategies to handle ploys, gambits and dirty tricks

Course Outline

Getting What You Want

  • The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Overcoming personal negotiation roadblocks
  • Negotiation Stance Inventory
  • Distributive and Integrative negotiation
  • Why negotiate?
  • Issues vs. objectives
  • Positional and interest-based negotiation
  • The four sins of negotiation
  • Fixed-pie perceptions
  • Preparing to negotiate
  • Understanding needs and perspectives

The Negotiating Environment

  • Predict typical negotiating opportunities
  • Sharing and expanding the negotiation pie
  • Understanding risk propensity
  • Assessing the other party
  • Understand negotiation styles

Negotiation Scenarios

  • Positional negotiation versus interests negotiation
  • Exploring options
  • The mixed-motive model
  • Knowing your BATNA
  • Dealing with aggressive opponents

Negotiation Strategies

  • Slicing the pie- Distributive negotiation
  • Expanding the pie- Integrative negotiation for a win-win
  • Strategies for a win-win outcome
  • Understanding cross-cultural differences when negotiating
  • Using non-verbal communication strategies
  • Some dirty tricks to play


Learning the basic tricks to negotiate is only half the battle won. Apart from conceptual lecturing, this course will incorporate interactive games, realistic role-plays and active learning processes to further strengthen the learning. Participants will also be engaged in interesting case studies and examples from which they can pick up effective negotiation tips.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Executives, Managers, Sales Professionals, Real Estate Agents, Customer Service Representatives, Teachers and Executive Assistants who want to achieve greater job efficiency without compromising on their existing positions.

Speaker’s Profile

Caroline Josephine Dawson

Caroline Josephine Dawson has more than 18 years of invaluable experience as an Editor of lifestyle and technical publications and 15 years teaching business management, environmental and soft-skills communication.

She holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from NTU (Singapore) and has attained the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification through the London Teacher Training College and also teaches English as a foreign language. Caroline is also an MBTI®, DISC Accredited Administrator, Enneagram and Lumina Spark/Emotion practitioner and she has administered the tools to top level managers and supervisors on managing their leadership styles and team members. She is currently pursuing her doctorate studies in Business Administration through a Paris-based business school.

Her many opportunities in working with the public and private sectors around the world has enhanced her training experience. Participants of her training workshops attest to her motivational, instructional and highly experiential training methodology that have helped them in their workplace business management. Caroline has trained operational, supervisory and managerial staff from various organisations.



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