Resolving Conflicts with Difficult People (16 May 2019)

Resolving Conflicts
with Difficult People

16 May 2019, 9.00am – 5.30pm

This workshop is designed to help participants apply appropriate strategies and employ communication skills to manage difficult people in their work and social life. Participants will learn to identify types of difficult people, analyse their intentions and adopt the right actions in order to bring out the best in people at their worst. They will also learn how to build relationships and use positive words and actions to enhance their interactions with difficult people.

Objectives and Benefits

  • To learn how to identify types of difficult people and understand their intentions
  • To learn how to apply the right communication strategies to manage difficult people


  • Strategies for handling types of difficult people
  • Identifying good intentions in bad behaviour
  • Effective communication skills for success with difficult people
  • Identifying our own difficult behaviour and learning how to overcome it


  • Presentation
  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Questionnaires/self-evaluation
  • Video presentation and discussion of learning points
  • Personal sharing of situations faced and solutions employed
  • Group presentation of solutions

Who Should Attend

  • Administrative staff
  • Corporate Communication staff
  • Customer Service staff
  • Employee Communication staff
  • Finance staff
  • Financial/Investor Relations staff
  • Frontline Service staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Marketing Communications staff
  • Media Relations staff
  • Public Relations staff
  • Public Affairs staff
  • Research & Marketing staff

Course Outline

  • Understanding types of difficult people
  • Strategies for handling difficult people
  • Passive, aggressive and assertive reactions
  • Good intentions that influence bad behaviour
  • Task focus and people focus approaches to work
  • Blending and redirecting skills in handling difficult behaviour
  • Verbal, vocal and visual elements of effective communication
  • Video presentation on enhancing relationships ‘Whale Done’
  • Specific solutions for specific behaviours
  • Self-analysis – Putting a mirror to ourselves and identifying our weaknesses
  • Summary and question and answer session

Trainer’s Profile

James Suresh

James Suresh is a corporate trainer with Fortress Intelligence, PR consultant and bestselling author. The co-creator of S ingapore’s comic icon ‘Mr. Kiasu’, he has also co-written a series of comic books as well as authored books on his military career. He develops comic strips for magazines and scripts for multi-media productions. His recent book ‘On a Street in Singapore’ has won two awards, namely the Sunday Times Best Seller and Reader’s Choice Award. He also authored a book about Singapore in the 60s, which was endorsed by MCCY – SG50 and distributed to all schools in Singapore.

James started his career as an army officer and eventually moved into public relations. Following his 15 year stint in the army, he set up a publishing and design company. After five years in the publishing business, James went on to pursue his interest in training and PR Consulting. He is a certified EQ trainer with ‘Six Seconds Inc’ based in the US. An accredited PR Practitioner and an NIE certified teacher. James is also and NLP practitioner.

James is a member of the editorial board for the Army News. He is a kindness ambassador for the Singapore Kindness movement. In his spare time, he volunteers as a youth advisor and community leader.



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